Be Someone’s Superhero 2021

I didn’t realize anything was wrong until it was certain that my world was forever changed. I was on the ground, my left arm and leg were paralyzed, I could barely speak, and the room was spinning. I was having a stroke. I thought I was just being affected by the heat. After all, it was late June, in a warehouse. It was hot.

I couldn’t get up off the floor, not even with help. 911 was called and I was rushed to the ER. I was admitted to the hospital after a quick CT scan confirmed the stroke. Since I got to the ER within three hours of the onset of symptoms (the first of which was facial drooping), I was given a lifesaving medication called TPA, otherwise known at The Clot Buster.

After the TPA busted most of the clot, my doctors performed a procedure that removed the clot completely. It was successful and I lived to see another day.

I was soon transferred to a rehab hospital, where I received intensive Physical, Occupational and Speech therapies daily. I was there for a month. By the time I left, I was walking with a cane.

At the time of this writing, I still do not have functional use of my left arm/hand. I’m using the cane only when I leave the house. My cognitive functions have fully returned.

This is my story. This is why I am so passionate about this year’s Be Someone’s Superhero, an online charity event hosted by Real Women of Gaming. This year’s charity is SameYou, an organization dedicated to connect brain injury survivors with rehab. If I hadn’t received rehab after the stroke, I may still be paralyzed. This is why I wholeheartedly support this charity. I even suggested it for the event.

I implore you to please spread the word about this event, or donate, if you can.

Event details:

Be Someone’s Superhero

Date: February 27

Time: 12pm-12am Eastern


Charity: SameYou

Donate here:



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Vaughn Johnston

Vaughn Johnston

Creative writer. Review Writer for Broadcaster on Glimesh (vaughn_hellspawn).